Till death do us part seems to be hollow words in some cases nowadays.  In the beginning a relationship everything is so bright and cheery, the couple looks into each other’s eyes with such promise and hope for the future.  However just like everything in life differences arise, dreams change and the once happy couple is now looking for a new life.  This is where Divorce mediation Johnson County KS and the court system come in.  It is through this process couples can find a way to end their relationship civilly and move on with their lives.

Don’t blame yourself

When considering a divorce, don’t blame yourself.  Usually it isn’t a single person’s fault as to why the situation went bad.  In all cases it is a two way street of trying, engaging and working towards a positive relationship.  However, there are times when things just don’t work out for whatever reason.  Don’t take things personally or blame yourself, just look at it as a natural evolution in life.

Don’t be bitter or spiteful

When ending a relationship don’t be spiteful or bitter towards each other.  This can be difficult in most situations but bringing up the past, making the other person feel bad just to make a point isn’t going to solve anything.  Remember that relationships are a joint effort.  If it is one sided it isn’t a relationship.

Take care of the kids

If you have children they need to come first.  Don’t use them as pawns in your personal power struggles or ego boosts.  If you need to pay child support pay it.  If you want to see your kids see them and stay involved in their lives.  Too often than not kids become pawns in divorces.  Don’t let it happen.

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Things will blow over

Give things time.  They will blow over and the process will resolve itself eventually.  For many the process may not come fast enough but stressing over it and wanting it to be over will only make it feel as if it draws out longer.