traffic accident investigation pleasant hill ca

Tips For Surviving A Traffic Accident

When driving a car or other vehicle we are putting ourselves in the middle of a fast paced, got to get there environment.  No matter how much in a hurry you are, it is important that you have the mindset that no one else is paying attention and that you have to be hyper vigilant.  When accidents do happen however, there are a few things to remember.

traffic accident investigation pleasant hill ca

Stay calm

When in an accident a lot of sensory information will be thrown at you at once.  As a result confusion and fear will run through your body.  To ensure that you don’t accidently harm yourself further than you may already be, staying calm is very important.

Accept medical attention

When in an accident accept medical attention.  Issues and problems will manifest themselves hours if not days after the accident.  When in an accident our adrenalin begins to pump preventing us from feeling pain.  As such we may think that we are okay but we really aren’t.

Give as much detail as possible

As soon as possible after the incident, you will want to give authorities conducting the traffic accident investigation pleasant hill ca as much detail as you can remember.  This can be used to help reconstruct the accident and give investigators parts and pieces that they can draw from.  With this detail the reconstruction of the scene can begin and will also tell investigators certain clues as to who could have been at fault.

Call your insurance company

Call your insurance company to get the process rolling for medical attention, rental cars and repairs on your damages.  The longer you wait to inform the insurance company the more likely details can be lost.

Drive safe

When trying to avoid an accident try to drive as safe as possible.  Don’t drink and drive, watch all around you and always wear your seatbelt.