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Most Common Reasons for Arrest in Pittsburgh

There are literally hundreds of different criminal charges that may land you behind bars, but it’s a fact that some of the criminal charges are more common than others. Take a look at the inmate population incarcerated now and you’ll find many face the same charges. Exactly what are the most common criminal charges facing Pittsburgh residents?

Drug Charges

Many of the people locked up in jail are here due to drugs. Whether they were caught selling, using, trafficking, manufacturing, or something else, a drug charge is very serious and can be labeled a misdemeanor or a felony and comes with consequences such as time in jail or prison and fines if found guilty.


Driving under the influence endangers the lives of innocent people. Do not pet a judge to be light on you if you come into the court to face this charge. DUI may result in suspension of your driving preimages, fines, and time behind bars.


Even simple mix-ups may cause you to be arrested for assault. If you physically harm another person, whether with your hands, a weapon, or something else, then you may also be arrested for this crime. Like drug charges, an assault may be labeled as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the circumstances of the event.

bail bonds near me pittsburgh pa

The Bottom Line

When you are arrested, do not stay behind bars longer than necessary and do not panic. Look for bail bonds near me pittsburgh pa and find a bondsman who can get you out of jail for 10 percent of the ordered bond amount. And, he’ll get you out so you can enjoy your freedom quickly. If you are charged with the offenses above or others, bondsmen are there to help.